A Dream Kitchen is a Smart Kitchen

It’s Smart Looking

Here’s the big thing to note–millennials (the most promising buyers in the market today) love customization. They don’t want the same old thing. Products designed to let them do their own thing will be noticed.

It’s Smartly Designed

Look for products with confident warranties that address and solve problems.  Faucets that are activated by the wave of a hand, appliances that you can wave at to open, and ovens that make it easier for anyone to be an at-home chef are what the influencers are talking about.

It Makes Smart Use of Space

With the kitchen typically front and center, there needs to be a clutter-control plan — build in the appliances, hide them and everything else behind a cabinet door for a clean and organized look. The growing trend towards more efficient living spaces has also opened up new opportunities for high-quality, fully functional appliances that fit a smaller footprint.

It’s IAQ Smart

Those highly desired in-home commercial-style cooking appliances produce more heat and higher flames than their lower-power counterparts. It’s critical to choose a kitchen ventilation hood that can keep up while also offering whisper-quiet operation.

It’s Tech-Smart

Technology can’t be called a trend, it’s an expectation in every kitchen no matter the home’s price point. GE was the first to offer WiFi-connected, voice-controlled wall ovens with Amazon Alexa and Apple HomeKit™; the first to offer a complete suite of connected appliances; and the first to deliver an over-the-range hood that doubles as a smart home command center. 2020 product introductions include the In-Oven Camera, Guided Cooking for induction cooktops, and a Connected Precision Cooking Probe.